I wish I had a call-in show…

I wish I had a call-in show after youth group on Wednesday nights.

After everyone is gone, weary and tired I still have this crazy desire to just talk about it. I want to break down the program, celebrating the new things we tried, the successful timing, and the moments that worked. I want to celebrate our failures with laughter. I want to unpack why something didn’t work. I want to tell the story about what my dudes shared in a small group. I want to rant about the stuff that just frustrated me.

I wish I had a call-in show where all us crazy youth pastors who can’t just turn it off could call in and talk about what just happened. I know everyone’s youth group isn’t on Wednesday nights, but how awesome would it be for us to take some time to be truly be united through a conversation about our love, our joy, as well as our messy life in youth ministry.

The reality is that most youth pastors and leaders around the country can feel lonely after a long day and night. They can feel like no one really understands their sacrifice or why that one moment that no one else saw was worth the entire night. They are a little off their rocker to want to talk about those nights where things just completely fail, but thats what we want to do.

This isn’t a job or a career. This thing is in our bones and our blood.

Tonight I saw the best parts and the parts I wish didn’t happen.
I was front row for the student who unexpectedly shared about anger and frustration from a family wound. I was also on my email tonight when I learned about a new student who didn’t connect very well and isn’t sure he wants to come back. I saw planning center live actually work from my iPad on stage keeping us on time. I also saw my online groups get accidentally muted many times during the night.

I know I am not the only one, and many times when I go home I think to myself, I wish I had a call-in show with youth leaders and youth pastors so we could just talk about it before going to bed.

We are a youth ministry united across denominations, geographic boundaries, sizes and styles under one name, Jesus. Wouldn’t it be cool to actually connect that way.

Leave a comment that you would share if it was a call-in show about what happened this past week in youth ministry.

By Jon McCallon

Husband, Father of three daughters, pastor, preacher, creative, coffee nerd...

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