3 Ways to Get Your Group Unstuck (Part 2)

Every small group leader has moments where the conversation comes to a screeching halt. The factors involved are many. Here is a short list I have continually seen over the years. In our last post we discussed the first of our three ways to group unstuck, get visual. Go check it out if you haven’t read it yet. Today we get to way number two.

Get Easy Wins – One of the things that can get a conversation stuck is a lack of understanding of the question. We are all guilty of asking a complicated and confusing question. Students can be confused and then just say nothing. What if we could create momentum in the conversation, so they had the confidence to talk more. This is when I teach the idea of getting easy wins. Whenever the conversation gets stuck, take a step back, then ask the simplest question you can for the group to answer. Let’s say I asked this question while holding up a plastic red ball pit ball “How has this plastic ball changed how children have been able to play?” After a few moments of silence or confusion, getting the easy win means asking this “What color is this ball?”. Most everyone will be able to answer right away, red. Then you start working your way back to the original question. 

  • What color is this ball?  A. Red
  • What is it made of? A. Plastic
  • Where have you seen it before? A. Kids playlands inside of fast food places and indoor playgrounds.
  • What are some reasons you think they use these? A. They make it safe and fun to play inside.
  • “How has this plastic ball changed how children have been able to play?” A. They have allowed kids to play safely inside even when the outside doesn’t allow it. 

Our Bible and life questions can sound confusing, but working through them from easy to the original question can build so much conversation momentum.  

In what ways are you getting groups unstuck? Let us know in the comments and look for part three Asking Better Questions.

By Jon McCallon

Husband, Father of three daughters, pastor, preacher, creative, coffee nerd...

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